Monthly Archives: July 2017

LIONS Co-writer and Director Story Included in Eisner Award-Winning Anthology

Love is Love (IDW Publishing and DC Comics) has just won an Eisner Award! If you’re not familiar with the Eisners, they are the comic book world equivalent of the Oscars. Justin Zimmerman, co-writer and director of the upcoming LIONS short film, has a story in this anthology called, “Still”.  Justin is also the creator of several other fantastic comic series like Safe, The Killing Jar, or The 27 Run.


Dave from RADart hard at work on Issue 1 of Book of Luka

Dave doing his thing, inking a page for Issue 1: The Watchmen. Issue 1 will be out this fall and the RADart team of Dave, Ray, and Damon are working hard, doing the inking and initial color old-school  (by hand) which will give the series a unique and retro style!

After Armageddon (Book of Luka) to become comic series!

More great collaborations! I’m teaming up with the crew at RAD Art to create a comic book series based on the characters in my post-apocalyptic short story, After Armageddon. The series will be titled Book of Luka and we are shooting to have the first issue out by the end of the year. Below are a few sketches of the preliminary work and the crew: