Dave from RADart hard at work on Issue 1 of Book of Luka

Dave doing his thing, inking a page for Issue 1: The Watchmen. Issue 1 will be out this fall and the RADart team of Dave, Ray, and Damon are working hard, doing the inking and initial color old-school  (by hand) which will give the series a unique and retro style!

After Armageddon (Book of Luka) to become comic series!

More great collaborations! I’m teaming up with the crew at RAD Art to create a comic book series based on the characters in my post-apocalyptic short story, After Armageddon. The series will be titled Book of Luka and we are shooting to have the first issue out by the end of the year. Below are a few sketches of the preliminary work and the crew:

Short Film based on short story starting pre-production!

The awesome team at Bricker-Down Productions has taken on one of my short stories for development of a military sci fi short film.  It will have a fantastic, experienced director and a first rate crew. Much more to come but budgeting should allow for a quality film.  Check out the production company here:

Audio Books!

I have started working with some fantastic voice-over people to convert my Gateway series into audio book. The first two to be released are Gateway and Cold Planet, both of which should be released before Christmas. As the work gets closer to completion, I will post solid release dates. If these two do well, I plan to release the rest of the series in audio format as well.

New Website!

With my expansion into comics and the work starting on pre-production of the military sci fi short “Lions” based of a short story of mine, I have decided to revamp the sight to reflect my varied creative interests.  I have also made the leap to LLC status and taken on the company name of Mountaineer West Productions to reflect both my West Virginia roots and my current Pacific Northwest life.