The Battle of Armageddon was fought to a standstill. Dark forces roam a desolate world where the few humans left struggle to survive in a charred landscape of the possessed, ghouls, and ruthless scavengers.  The Third Testament Universe will follow humankind’s last heroes in a series of comics and graphic novels.
THE BOOK OF LUKA (graphic novel): Written/Created by: Brian Dorsey. Inks and Colors (Chapter 1-2) by: Ethan Claunch, Inks (Chapter 3-5) by: Toni Doya. Colors (Chapter 3-5) by: DC Alonso.  Letters by: Taylor Esposito. Edited by: Justin Zimmerman. The full graphic novel will release in spring of 2019! If you can’t wait, you can order Chapter 1 (Issue #1) from one of these sites:  Comixology  ComixCentral IndyPlanet
Issue #1: Written/Created by: Brian Dorsey. Inks by: Toni Doya. Colors by: David Ocampo. Letters by: Ernesto Pascual. Cover by: Kevin McCoy.  Order from one of these sites: Comixology (pending)   Comixcentral   IndyPlanet


WAR ANGELS will be a new take on the Valkyrie legend with a splash of old-school Heavy Metal Magazine, transporting the reader to multiple worlds and realms. WAR ANGELS #1 will out in early 2019!
WAR ANGELS #1: Written/Created by Brian Dorsey. Inks by: Ernesto Lovera. Colors by: DC Alonso. Letters by: Ernesto Lovera. Cover by Kevin McCoy.

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The Third Testament Comic Universe Single Issues

The Book of Luka #1 (Chapter 1 of Graphic Novel)

Writer/Creator: Brian Dorsey
Artist : Ethan Claunch
Editor/Layout: Justin Zimmerman

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The Book of Jessica #1

Writer/Creator: Brian Dorsey
Cover Artist: Kevin McCoy
Inks: Toni Doya
Colors: David Ocampo
Letters: Ernesto Lovera

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